Optimal Travel™ is changing the face of Travel Insurance! We're not an insurance company - we represent them! Our main goal is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of insurance plans and find you coverage that best meets your needs at an affordable price. We offer many types of travel coverage, making it easy & seamless to access proper coverage online or by phone. We take pride of the service we offer, and we have faith in our products.                    Let our Team of Licensed Travel Insurance Specialists do the research for you!


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Travel Medical Insurance Made Easy to Quote 

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Compare quotes for you and help you find the Best Coverage! 

Eligible Medical Bills, up to $10,000,000 including 24/7 Assistance. 

No out-of-pocket Medical Bills; Direct Payment to providers.

No Additional fees to change dates prior to leaving in Canada.

I will assist you in finding best insurance plan at an affordable price.  Plus, we now have EarlyBirds Specials available.

Top-Up Coverage including Couple's and Early Bird Discounts available. 

Service in Canada: Ontario | Newfoundland | Labrador | Nova Scotia | Prince Edward Island | New Brunswick | Alberta | British Columbia | 

Prices on our site are the same great deals you will get by calling direct.

Searching for Travel Insurance can be time-consuming, especially getting the right coverage to cover pre-existing medical conditions.  

Specializing in Medical Pre-existing Conditions. 

* Not all our providers offer EarlyBirds Specials on Travel Insurance.  If you have any questions, please contact our agents.

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